Integrating a module to 3d scan a house within the MapMint4ME android application (OSGeo - MapMint | GSoC 2021)

Tajine model uploading

Introduction of MapMint

MapMint4ME is an Android application to record your data on the field. MapMint4ME is an Android application for MapMint web-mapping services. MapMint4ME gives the users capability to store data without using the internet locally. The data can be a file stored in alpha-numeric format, an audio file, a video file or readings obtained from a Sensor Observation Service (SOS). When the user returns back to a place with network connectivity, the recorded data can be uploaded back to the server.

MapMint4ME is an android application for MapMint web-service. MapMint is an internet-based Geographic Information System(GIS), designed to facilitate the deployment of Spatial Data Infrastructure(SDI). In an SDI, geographic data, metadata, tools, and the users are connected in an interactive manner in a framework so as to use the spatial information in an efficient and flexible way.


This project allows a minimalist 3D scan (taking multiple pictures, recording camera position, using opendrone map to rebuild the 3D scene) with the house faces (accessible/visible faces) then load it as georeferenced data with the database and being able to export the data back on MapMint for 3D viewing.

gsoc-21 _Click the image to see full size_


My work consist of three parts:

Part One: Get the pictures using MapMint4ME

Part Two: Create the 3D model using ODM

Part Three: Visualize the 3D model in MapMint

Code Repositories: